Zamzam Autism

01Who We Are

A state-of the-art center catering to 8-18 year old kids that have variable degrees of learning difficulties, developmental delays, and behavioral challenges. We offer a holistic set of services that is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) protocol and revolves around developing core life skills of kids with special needs and providing them with intensive behavior therapy to achieve that goal.



Our vision is a world where individuals with autism can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and be recognized as valued members of the society.



Our mission is to improve life outcomes for the adolescents with autism by providing an optimal level of education, services, and support to build an ecosystem of growth for them.



Emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning; building sustainable framework to support people with special needs to realize their potential; and to be a transparent & result-driven organization.

02What We Do

A robust assessment capability integrated with a top-tier services program based on addressing individual needs of the adolescent kids with autism. Our experienced team of therapists implements a program that aims to generalize the treatment across multiple settings for the kids with autism.


Life Skills

A 4-year sustained therapy-driven program that aims to instill and enhance the core life skills in the young adults with special needs so that they can eventually gain an independent life to the extent possible.


Behavioral Therapy

An intensive behavior therapy plan will be developed on an individualized basis as part of an overall Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) that will aim to address behavior modification as needed.


Vocational Training

The program will offer a set of experiential internships in a variety of settings leading to potentially earning an ASDAN certificate. This program will be launched soon.

02Augmented Services

The core services will be complemented with an added focus on developing speech, occupational, and functional academic skill set of such kids. These will be covered with our dedicated services around Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Functional Academics.

All of these skills will achieve practical relevance in a variety of social settings so the development of social skills will also be closely worked on.



See what parents are saying about us
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    As a parent of two autistic children, we face challenges every single day of our life. Even small steps, gestures or tasks routine for a typical child are a challenge for us. But none is bigger than the issue of finding an Institute for our children where their special needs are met. I am happy to report that Zam Zam Autism Centre is one such place where the occupational, therapy, and academic needs of my child are met. Mr. Usman, the man behind the initiative, has been instrumental in shaping a setup for autistic adolescents. We would recommend it to any of our friends, peers or parents of children with autism.

    • Mr. & Mrs. H. Masud
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    It was in 2018 when I came across Zam Zam institute with a strong recommendation of Maam Jawahar Alwi . Zamzam is the first institution in Islamabad territory that treats adults/Teenagers with special needs. My 17 years old son named Shahzaib Nasir joined this school being an autistic child. I am very much pleased with the progress of my son. Overall a great experience with the school. We are not only satisfied with the school environment but thankful to all the teachers/instructors specially sir Asad n ma'am Sunnia who showed up in every matter of parents' concerns.

    • Shahzaib Mother

05Activities & Workshops

06Meet with Team

Our team is a family of dedicated, compassionate, and caring individuals, selected for their extensive knowledge and experience in autism, and their demonstrated success in a wide variety of professional areas.