Zamzam Autism

As a parent of two autistic children, we face challenges every single day of our life. Even small steps, gestures or tasks routine for a typical child are a challenge for us. But none is bigger than the issue of finding an Institute for our children where their special needs are met. I am happy to report that Zam Zam Autism Centre is one such place where the occupational, therapy, and academic needs of my child are met. Mr. Usman, the man behind the initiative, has been instrumental in shaping a setup for autistic adolescents. We would recommend it to any of our friends, peers or parents of children with autism.

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  • Mr. & Mrs. H. Masud

It was in 2018 when I came across Zam Zam institute with a strong recommendation of Maam Jawahar Alwi . Zamzam is the first institution in Islamabad territory that treats adults/Teenagers with special needs. My 17 years old son named Shahzaib Nasir joined this school being an autistic child. I am very much pleased with the progress of my son. Overall a great experience with the school. We are not only satisfied with the school environment but thankful to all the teachers/instructors specially sir Asad n ma'am Sunnia who showed up in every matter of parents' concerns.

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  • Shahzaib Mother